The Visual Verify Code (VVC) contribution is an answer to harmful automated scripts that create large numbers of user accounts, or repeatedly send emails via ?Tell-A-Friend? and ?Contact Us? . The system works by displaying some random characters in an image and asking the user to enter the text that they see displayed. The image is dynamically generated, the characters are of differing sizes and placements, and the number of characters displayed is random. The pool of characters that serve as fodder for the resulting image is user definable. In addition, this contribution leverages the database to keep the visual code characters out of the HTML stream (to avoid interception by automated systems) and to enable the possibility of distributed image rendering and generation. This contribution is based on osCommerce 2.2m2 and has not been tested against other versions. It works on both my Windows and Linux environments, but I cannot guarantee it will in yours so you use this at your own risk. The functionality can be seen on Simply go to the ?create a profile? or ?contact us? page and you will see it in action. -William (?Bill?) L. Peer, Jr. p.s. I?m into PHP and osCommerce two weeks now ... and they are both amazing! This is my gift back to the project ... thanks all