This script will work on any version of oscommerce or any website! I take no credit for this addon, It is a script I found at If you experience issues, or need help then visit the above link as that is the authors website. After some frustration after installing cron simulator that does not seem to function, I found this script which is basically does the same and works for me. This is ideal for anyone that dosent have access to running cronjobs on their hosting package as it usually comes at further expense. What this does is check for cronjobs within the admin/cronjobs folder and run them if its time or past the time to run them, but only actually runs them when you visit admin/index.php, so infact its partially automated, but better than running them manually. I use this to clear caches, run google feeder, download live stock quantity from the supplier etc. NOTE: After a cron has been run, you may get a "headers already sent" error notice, dont worry, just hit F5 on your browser and your admin, index.php will load up fine.