Year Make Model (YMM) "Select Vehicle" b

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

The YMM contribution store data in cookies so if the customer selected BMW MX3 it will be already selected for him next visit time. The make/model/year dropdows in the "Select Vehicle" box are dependent. They show only the makes/models/years that you store have products for. After the make/model/year were selected the "Categories" box will be filtered. Only the categories that have products for the selected year/make/model will be shown. Download the contribution and view the screenshots to better understand what it is. There is a sence in creating an "all products" page and show it filtered just after the customer selected year/make/model . But I don't think that everyone will like it. So I have left the instructions in the README.html how to make any custom page filtered by year/make/model. This package contains autoinstaller script. It automatically install the contribution: copy files, edit files, alter database tables. It saves a backup before any action and make possible to uninstall the contribution. You will need to do manually only what the script cannot. It was tested on host (PHP:5.2.4 MySQL 5.0.67) and osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 RC2a