for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

SEO-G provides automatic generation of URLs with your osCommerce store. Using multiple configuration options to generate a clear hierarchical structure of your store's entities, this module can significantly boost your marketing and SEO campaign. Using osCommerce the no.1 e-commerce engine available today, as the base framework, SEO-G can utilize the database tables and generate the most comprehensive and spider-friendly URLs. Links can be generated at the same level as your store using configurable separation characters or emulate a multi-level directory structure. SEO-G represents a set of classes around a special framework that can process the database tables, generate meaningful names which can be further customized and finally create spider-friendly URLs. The module provides a set of configurable scripts on the osC Admin end, where the store owner can configure types, handlers, set names for various entities (eg: products,categories,articles,topics) as well as monitor the generated urls. In addition the framework is designed to easily support custom classes. On the catalog end, the operation of SEO-G is fairly simple, yet extremely effective. It relies on a redirect method via .htaccess where a single script handles every URL conversion/request. Once an SEO-G URL is detected the system translates it to the original osCommerce URL. When installed this contribution generates spider-friendly links for all the store's pages. SEO-G links are generated progressively and no database identifiers are necessary within the links. Forum Support thread