Advanced Cache Control Tool

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Advanced Cache Control Tool for osCommerce version 2.3.x - v1.0 (screen shots included in package) WARNING! This addon may not be compatible with other cache addons. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TARGET AUDIENCE: Stores that use the osCommerce built-in cache feature. Mainly benefits store owners that have multiple languages and when languages are deleted. Store owners who would appreciate a display of all cache files for all languages, with full control within admin. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PREREQUISITES: osCommerce versions 2.3.1 to 2.3.4 (tested on these versions) A working cache system where the below settings have been set appropriately: Cache is enabled in "admin->config->cache->use cache". A writable cache directory is set in "admin->config->cache->cache directory" (usually "catalogincludeswork") ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRODUCTION: This addon updates the current osCommerce "admin->tools->cache control" tool, such that you will see cache files for all languages in you store. FYI: Cache files exist for "Categories", "Manufacturers" and "Also Purchased Products". Currently, cache files are only shown to exist for the default store language. If the store has been used in other languages other than the default, it will appear in admin that cache files won't exist. Also, in multi-language stores, if you remove a language and cache files exist for that deleted language, these cache files will never be deleted when using the standard "reset" actions in "admin->tools->cache control". This new "Cache Control" tool will list the cache files for all the languages under each of the cache headings "Categories Box", "Manufacturers Box" and "Also Purchased Products". It also includes a new section at the bottom titled "Other" showing "lost in limbo" cache files. As is currently the case, the tool still allows you to individually delete cache for "Categories", "Manufacturers" and "Also Purchased Products" but now also allows you to delete all cache files at once, including lost cache files sitting in limbo because a store language was removed. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INSTALLATION: 2 existing osCommerce files to be replaced (or modified) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Instructions included in package. Report problems or leave comments on the forum support thread located at the link below: