Shipping Insurance 1.0

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This module will calculate shipping insurance based on a RATE times the TOTAL purchase amount less any EXEMPT amount and taxes. It is a rebuild of Gunter Sammet's earlier INSURANCE_PRERELEASE contributuion available on his website, which in turn was based on the loworderfee module from Harald Ponce de Leon. The customer does not have a choice if he wants insurance or not... that seemed dumb to me. Who gets stuck in the end if the customer declines...? Me! So I choose. It is especially good for UPS since it has an exempt amount and calculates the insurance as a fixed rate per so many dollars above that amount. Shipping Insurance is posted on the invoice like tax or shipping. The exempt amount, rate, and increment values are all adjustable in the order total modules admin panel. It also works right with Bao Nguyen's authorizenet_direct contribution with notes in the readme file on a minor adjustment needed to that contribution so that it adds into the shipping insurance to the total. I am using it live with a snapshot from November 11, 2002. Enjoy.