As an online merchant offering a variety of products from many different manufacturers some individual items are required to be special ordered, others may be out of stock causing a back order state, and an order may be partially shipped. OSCommerce 2.2 Milestone 2 while a great software package doesn't address these possibilities offering only an overall item status that requires comments to be added which could be mis-read, misunderstood, or worse overlooked entirely. The Individual Item Status modification helps to address this issue by giving the merchant the following capabilities: a. an indication of current item status, b. the date that item status was given, c. a 20 character item comment area, d. the ability of repeatedly changing item status. Included in the archive is an overview.pdf which contains screenshots so that you can see how/what the installed mod SHOULD look like. Sadly I do not have the time to offer support for this modification however, it is my hope that others will discover this modification, improve it, and offer that support. My php coding skills are novice at best and while the modification works with Apache 2, PHP Version 4.3.8, and MySQL 3.23.56 I am sure that others can improve on the basics provided.