osCommerce Stock Viewer

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

osCommerce Stock Viewer v1.0 I am hoping this will plant the seeds for a more comprehensive Stock Snapshot contribution. I run an online bookstore and need a module that could take a snapshot of my stock as it is at the moment neatly listed on a page in tables so I could easily copy and paste it into Excel. Thus was produced Stock View v1.00. There is much possibility for enhancements and further development and standardisation of this module into something worthwhile but for the time being it's barebones and does the job. A live version of the module can be seen at : http://www.vedicbooks.net/stockview.php Installation ------------ Simply upload the file stockview.php into your catalog folder and then visit : http://www.yoursite.com/catalog/stockview.php or if your site is in the root then http://yoursite.com/stockview.php Enjoy and send feedback via http://www.vedicbooks.net contact page. NB: This module has been designed so you can copy and paste into Excel and then work with the data as per your requirements. Try it, it works well!