Supertracker v3.1a

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

WHAT IT IS FOR ============== The supertracker contrib is designed to give you more information on which to base marketing decisions for your osCommerce store. I created the supertracker contrib because, although there were some contribs around that provide a more detailed who's online tool, nothing quite gave me the information I was after. Here is the information that is recorded for each customer arriving at your site: referring page referring query (so we can get at keywords used if search engine) landing page (including query string - important for Pay Per Click campaign assessment) arrival time exit time exit page IP address country code / country name customer's cart contents Number of clicks on the site (accuracy is not 100% as this is recorded based on session ID) Categories Viewed Products viewed Customer ID (if signed in) Order ID (if order was placed) Were products added to cart (true/false) Did the customer Checkout (true/false) This is a full install package as the existing contribution mysteriously vanished a week or so ago. Existing users are strongly advised to upgrade their installations - there is a just one file to replace if you are running the previous version.