Products Low Stock Report

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Products Low Stock Report for osCommerce version 2.3.x - v1.0 (an admin "stock reporting and updating" tool) (screen shots included) Use this add-on to easily view and update stock levels. It is especially useful when your store settings allow for automatically reducing stock levels when products are purchased. You will receive low stock alerts in admin and be able to view/update stock levels in one screen. Tested on, and compatible with, osCommerce versions 2.3.3, 2.3.4 non-BS and 2.3.4 BS GOLD/EDGE (but may work in earlier versions). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This low stock reporting tool is based on "Low Stock Report v1.4" (credit to original author and all who contributed to it and earlier versions). This is a much improved version and has been completely re-written to work with the above osCommerce versions. Similar to the previous version, this new version also provides admin with low stock alerts when logged into admin. In addition, it allows admin to quickly view and update stock levels for "all products" or only the "low stock products", either in all categories or a selected category. From within this stock reporting page, you can update product quantities either individually or in bulk i.e. for all categories or only within the selected category, with options to update all the products or only the low stock products. Bulk quantity update options also include the ability to update qty's either by "adding to or replacing" existing qty's and an option to include "upcoming products" in the qty update. The low stock alert is governed by the setting in "Admin->Configuration->Stock->Stock Re-order level", where you can set the desired level. Virtual/downloadable products (if any) are not reported as low stock, unless they are upcoming, but are easily identifiable and can be updated individually if needed. Features include: Colour coded rows for easy identification of low stock products, upcoming products and OK qty products. Option to enable/disable the low stock alert message. Option to include upcoming products in low stock alert message. Tick boxes to send e-mails to customers who have subscribed to Product Notifications (including Global Product Notifications) when updating qty's to above zero either individually or in bulk. Drop down selection to choose a category. Drop down selection to choose number of products to show per page. An updated single product becomes bolded for easier identification and jumps to correct page number if qty is increased/decreased dramatically. Ability to search for products, by name or model (search is performed on all products regardless of selected category). Each product's status is also shown and you can click to change (updating quantities will also adjust status accordingly). Each product's category path is also shown (cropped if too long). Ability to browse to, i.e. edit, the actually product info to view/modify and then returns to previous screen. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To do list: Send admin an email reporting of low stock. Ability to sort by some headings. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Full package (with installation instructions) Support thread (osCommerce users only):